Our Concept

Bigoudi.tv is a unique media network created by Eyecatching Media Ltd.
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Bigoudi.tv is unique in that it displays content in portrait mode.
Our Medium

Our screens have been designed by one of Europe`s top design specialists.
Welcome to Bigoudi.tv

Bigoudi.tv is a revolutionary media network created by Eyecatching media Ltd. It is specifically designed to work with leading hairs salons delivering varied content via a network of in-store screens, up to 8 in each salon.

Using advances in multimedia technology to connect business' to people in unique and cost effective methods.

In hair salons around Cyprus our Bigoudi.tv network will share all the latest gossip, hair and style news, some amazing product deals and much more.Our network provides business' with the opportunity to advertise to a niche market through a low cost, effective and unique platform.
Our integrated system includes Youtube, Facebook and Twitter so that you can get involved and share in the Bigoudi.tv world wherever you are.

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